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From the day I was born there have always been firearms in the house. My father was a police officer and an avid hunter. He taught me everything about firearms, how to shoot them, and how to be safe with them. My first firearm was an H&R Single Shot 20 gauge shotgun. Boy I loved that shotgun. I hunted with it a lot and used it to shoot clay pigeons. Now that was a blast! As I grew older I slowly lost interest in firearms and hunting. Life got busy. And then I enlisted in the United States Air Force. My wife was already enlisted, so I wanted to pick a career that could easily get me stationed with her no matter where she was, so Security Police it was!

I honorably served for six years and spent a lot of my time carrying and fighting with an M60 Machine Gun. Man did I fall in love fast. She was amazing! You see, you develop these feelings for a firearm while serving because it was way more than just a gun, a firearm, it was an extension of the soldier carrying it and it helped keep you, your fellow soldiers, and those you were fighting for, safe from harm.


Fast forward a few years, when I was in the market for a new handgun. I wanted to do some research before I bought, so of course I watched a lot of videos on YouTube. Well during my research I kept saying to myself, “Man, I could do videos like that!”. I did find a good amount of videos, but not many channels. I also found myself getting a little frustrated at how expensive the guns on the videos were, so I specifically searched for budget gun videos. I did find an affordable handgun and purchased it. That is when the motivation and desire to help others began to grow and I needed to show people that you do not have to pay an arm and leg for a quality firearm. So I used that handgun for my first video on my new YouTube channel, Budget Guns.

I named it Budget Guns because firearms is my hobby, and well, I’m on a budget. The channel has done pretty well. I have a little over 1200 subscribers and a lot of interaction with my subscribers, which I absolutely love! I’ve learned new things as well as developed some great relationships. I love making the videos, however, I needed a way to reach out to even more people.


So here it is! What a great way to reach even more people! My goal is to build a Firearm Community where we ALL can share our gun ownership experiences, learn new things, and build relationships. I will also provide as much quality content as possible in the form of firearm reviews, firearm product reviews, DIY videos, tips on how to become a better shooter, and everything in between. So please visit often and join me on the journey, it will be a great ride!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below and I will definitely get back to you.

Stay safe,

Mike G.

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