Taurus PT1911 Review – My View

About The Gun

The Taurus PT1911 was introduced in 2005. It is manufactured in Porto Alegra Brazile and distributed in the United States by Taurus USA. It’s design is based on the United States Model 1911. Taurus is definitely targeting owners that want a full featured 1911 but don’t want to pay the price their competitors are asking. Hence why I purchased the 1-191101FS model in .45 ACP, I could afford it. Taurus makes many different variations of the PT1911. They come with blued and stainless steel slides. Some are equipped with a picatinny rail to mount a light or laser. The PT1911 comes in three different calibers, 9mm, .45 ACP, and .38 Super. They also come with full  size frames as well as smaller “officer” model frames. So here’s my Taurus PT1911 Review.

What I Like About The Gun

It’s a 1911! Seriously though, In my opinion, I think every gun owner should have a 1911 in their collection. It is extremely fun to shoot! Like a typical 1911, it’s very easy to find inexpensive parts to upgrade the pistol. Although it already comes upgraded out of the box with Novak type sights, skeleton trigger, and serrations on both ends of the slide. Magazines are easy to find and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for them. In fact, I purchased two Kimber full sized 8 round magazines for $20 a piece shortly after I purchased my PT1911 and they have worked without issues. The gun comes with nice grips and it feels amazing in my hand. This makes it easy for me to maintain consistent purchases when drawing from a holster. I also love the way the PT1911 conceals. Yes, I do use this as part of my rotation in my every day carry option and why not, it’s only 1.5″ thick. The ambidextrous thumb safety is not just a “like” but it’s a “must have” in my case since I’m a leftie. Did I mention it’s a 1911?!

What I Like Less About the Gun

I know, I typed “Like Less”, because unless a gun is completely unreliable, I can’t “hate” a gun. One of the things I liked less is that the Taurus PT1911 came with only one 8 round magazine. It’s not really a big deal, especially since it does bring the price of it down a little, but I think all single stack handguns should come with at least two magazines. The next thing I liked less was when the rear sight came loose after shooting it the first time. In fact, I was pretty bummed. Again, this too isn’t a really big deal. It’s easily fixed with a spot of lock tight which I did just that and it hasn’t come loose since. I will mention that field stripping is more complicated than some firearms, but I really don’t mind it at all. It gets easier the more you do it. Lastly, the weight. At approximately 41 ounces loaded it is definitely heavier than polymer but with the right holster, it can not only be dome, but done comfortably.

My Final Thoughts

I think you already know what I’m going to say here. I highly recommend the Taurus PT1911. It has been very reliable, easy to carry, fun to shoot, and it satisfies my needs. With that said, you need to practice with this a lot to not only shoot it well, but to be safe with it. It’s not your typical “point and shoot” handgun. You need to get used to disengaging the safety before firing it, because this is designed to carry with a round in the chamber, the hammer back, and the safety on (cocked & locked).

YOUR Thoughts

I want to hear from you! One of the biggest reasons I started this website was to seek out the opinions of others. Let’s face it, we will all learn more from one another. So please be sure to share your thoughts by adding a comment at the end of this post. I look forward to meeting you!

Roll The Gun Footage!

Alright, enough reading. For your viewing pleasure, I give you the Taurus PT1911 in action:

Specifications of My Taurus PT1911 in .45 ACP

Model: 1-191101FS
Finish: Blue Steel
Status: Available
Caliber: 45 Auto
Grips: Checkered Black
UPC: 7-25327-61123-3
Capacity: 8 +1
Weight: 38 oz
Rate of Twist: 1:16″
Barrel Length: 5″
Height: 5.45″
Frame: Large
Width: 1-1/2″
Action: SA
Front Sight: Heinie
Length: 8-1/2″
Grooves: 6
Trigger Type: Ventilated
Order #: 1-191101FS
MSRP: $609.00
Rear Sight: Straight-8
Grooves Turn: Left


8 Replies to “Taurus PT1911 Review – My View”

  1. Very good read and easy to understand, Don’t think I would be using it as a conceal carry. Kinda big for me. Really glad to know there are less expensive firearms out there. I carry a small Taurus pt709 slim, great size for a woman. Easy to conceal. Thank you for the great information.

    1. Hello Dusty! Yes, there are definitely high quality affordable firearms out there for sure, in fact you own one in the PT709 slim. Very nice handgun for sure! Thank you very much for the comment!

  2. Hey Mike,

    Awesome article on the Taurus PT1911 in .45 ACP. She sure is a beauty and next on my list. I collect guns so this will be a great addition to my collection. Just recently bought a Desert Eagle and it is a work of art. I saved your site to my favorites. Keep up the good work!


    1. Thank very much Jack! Ahh, the Desert Eagle, it definitely is a work of art. A lot of choices of calibers as well. Thank you for the comment!

  3. Hi Mike,
    This is a fantastic review of the more affordable PT 1911. You really provided great detail and answered all questions I could possibly think of in regards to its specifications and options.
    Hahaha…I appreciated your “Liked Less” description as well, some very good points and unfortunate disappointments.
    I look forward to seeing more reviews.

    1. Thank you Paul! I’ve been doing some dry fire practice with the 1911 and it does take practice that’s for sure. I will be posting a review of the laser training system I’m using. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

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